This film centers around the Emerson family. Two sisters Martha (Mary Vallero) and Emily (Lucy Marshall), have inherited the mansion they now live in.

Robert (Ryan Reuter) a college student, lives with the sisters in the old mansion and does odd jobs around the house to earn his keep.

Beginning with the strange and gruesome murder of two teens en route to a Halloween Party, all their lives are disrupted when an evil man named Professor Desmond Samuelson (Steve May) arrives with his traveling companions, Sandra (Niko Webster) and Steven (Bill Gillespie).

Desmond has evil designs on the house and soon after his arrival strange and
frightening things begin to happen, including an attack on Robert who has fallen in love with Sandra.

Desmond uses flattery to charm his way into the lives of the two spinster ladies who have inherited the house. But his real motives are far from friendly. He seeks posession of the strange amulet Martha carries with her and the power it represents.

Desmond sees the affection growing between Sandra and Robert and tries to
dissolve their relationship by first frightening Sandra and then punishing her in a horrible way.

Robert's love places him in the direct path of Desmond's wrath. Robert is almost destroyed by Desmond, but Elias Branton (George Ferroni) a knowledgeable man who has encountered Desmond before, arrives and intervenes. He informs everyone of the danger that Desmond represents and the evil powers he posesses.

Now, it's a race against time to see who will triumph as Desmond plots a scheme to gain posession of Martha's amulet.


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