This is my record of the making of "Unearthly Harvest". It was written while filming the movie. I have left all the wording, grammar, and punctuation exactly as they were when it was written by hand in a spiral notebook at the time. 

It sure looked like a haunted house. When I arrived it was locked. I was given a "skeleton" key to open the wide door. The door let out an ominous creeking sound as it slowly opened. The house was cold and had a  very gothic appearance. It's main distinguishing point being the very large ornate picture window just above the stairway.

I took advantage of this later and used the streaming sunlight together with blue filters to simulate moonlight coming through the  window which bathed my actors in an eerie glow when I added fog to the mixture to film the attack on Robert by a ghost for my movie.

But just getting into the house was dangerous enough. The people  who owned the house did not have it wired yet. The old wiring still  remained since they had taken it over. I had to go into the kitchen and down the narrow stairs to the basement where I had to grab the insulated portion of two bare wires with an insulated pliars and force them to make contact sending a shower of sparks flying and as I pulled the wires together. I had to keep my mind on what I was doing all the time. It was pitch dark in that basement. Or I could have ended up becoming a ghost myself.

 I did the "wire thing" for over 3 months while filming at the house   untill the owner had a new fuse box installed. I had to keep telling  myself it was for the movie and I would get through it.

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